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i might be blind but that's just fine as long as i never get the chance to see! _______ blinded me i think it's right to be this way somedays your alright other days you hate to even open your eyes it just depends can you see to day or are you still blind.....

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yo third day of school....me and chels are friends again and i look pimp in keiths hat yeay......anywho i donno what to say except i think sac kinda likes me and so does sara vut like yea i mean he's kewl and all but i love keith....man i only wish i had more time at his house and he'll no what i'm talkin about...damn his sis lol this saturday man this saturday oh yea i might go to the all nite only if he goes along with someone else i know to chill with and like yea.....so if your goin let me no only if your stayin all nite....
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1- Do you believe that love is forever?
nope not really

2- Do you get hurt by people easily?
kinda but not really.

3- Do you believe that all people are generally good at heart?
Yeah.. its just whether you wanna show it or not

4- Can you be anyone you want to be?
nope nope i can be me.

5- Do mean people make you sad?
hellz yea

6- Does ice cream make you happy?
of course it's not like it makes me sad...does icecream make you sad....?

7- Do you sing in the shower?
kinda it depends hehe =)

8- When it rains, do you like to splash in the puddles?
yup yup shure do.

9- If you see a pretty girl walk down the street, do you smile and tell her she's pretty?
Of course always nice to know you can make someone feel good about themselfs

10- Do you notice when people have pretty eyes?
yes i do.

11- Have you ever cried at a movie?
um....shhh i have

12- Is it cute when old people are holding hands?
I donno it depends on how you look at it

13- Are you a happy person?
Right now i couldnt be happier...unless it were next saturday

14- Do you tend not to worry, even when you know something bad is about to happen?
I always worry.

15- Is it okay to cut off Barbie's hair?
yes and so is to do that to her fake plastic little head to.

16- Have you ever laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
yes i think.

17- Was it recently?

18- Are you slightly lazy?
more than slightly lol

19- Do you like to drive with the windows down?
i dont like to drive but when being driven shure but not so much

20- If you have twenty dollars, are you rich?
of course even when you have a penny your rich cause some dont even have a fuckin penny
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I dont love you anymore goodbye....

it's the only way for me to leave babe i've moved on thank god i love keith grrr....and sara...yeay i've stopped tein people i love them when i dont isnt it great....lol

okay anywho....

enough about me what about you.....

ask me questions anything you wanna know anything i feel like answering questions..... ANYTHING!!!!

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yeay i got it i donno if i have anything with anyone but i have it fuckers....
1.reading nottingham
2.lang.arts tyler m
3.p.e coach pace
4.comp app in business troutman
5.us histoy tyler
6.science bivins
7.math hudson
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Okay people here's the deal
i'm sick of feeling fake so here's what i'm gonna do
i'm gonna tell you all who i really am
there's one person i'm in-luv with and that's melinda
i love all of my so called "friends"
I'm not punk,goth,emo i listen to everything as long as i like it dont kare what ya'll think.
I'm from flagler (donno how many of you knew that but yea)
i dont believe that wat dosent kill you makes you stronger that's a lie
i believe in god and all that happy crap,
I dont think my life is worse than anyone else i think it's better than everyone else,I'm effing spoiled by my grandparents prob more than any one in this world,nevery really got told no by them,ever still dont...
well that's me and there's nothing more to me if you dont believe me then ask chelsie because she knows me better than i do myself and this life is anoying but i live with it....i cant stand to be alone and well....i'm sick of stuff and to me people in general suck dont kare who you are "friend".
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fuck you all....

cant you see that i fucking hate you......

any way that was to a certian person you people dont need to know

OKay in other words....... i need a life isnt it great

\mel i'm over you....i love you but your hurting me goodbye

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